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Wed, 16 May 2012 19:17:49

Download PC Games - Great Flight Simulator Online PC Games For Windows

Download PC Games

The gaming market has had its ups and downs since they have been created but no other game type has had so much hype as flight simulator games for windows. They have had a great boom with the market and thanks to great companies such as Microsoft, Ubisoft and Laminar Research they have been getting even better.  What has been named one of the best flight simulators of all time and is at the top of the charts is Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Online PC Games

With its gleaming graphics and great array of planes and locations to choose from, it is no surprise that Microsoft has created a great game for flight simulation players.  At the top of the combat flight simulator list is a great game by Ubisoft going by the name of IL-2 Sturmovik. It comes in second place of total flight simulators but it still has all the appeal of traditional flight simulators as well as the prospect of danger with the dog fight scenarios.

PC Games

Overall one of the best games in its series thanks to its realism and its hair raising battles.  The next big project for the Ubisoft team was their continuance of the series with a new twist. Lock On: Modern Combat was placed further into the future with a shear amount of detail but failed to deliver any good amount of aircraft for players to take on. The game does however feature great graphics and a vast amount of airspace for the player to take on.  Atari then jumped into the game with their Lock On: Modern Air Combat. It threw the simulation games into our time with great realism. A very good game with advanced graphics and a great deal of details over large scale maps. The game takes off even more with the added ability to create aircraft to pilot not only to the skies but into space giving even more depth to the game. 

PC Games

Online PC Games

Download PC Games

The many flight simulator games for windows encompasses many more games than just the ones listed. These games help to make dreams come true in the end and they help to take the player to the skies. After seeing the list and the amount of great flight simulator games on the market today, it will be no problem to find the one that is best for you.


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